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Do You Need a Career Change?

Career changes in life are needed at times. Circumstances may change or you may desire to learn a new area in your work from home journey. The following information is designed to assist you in making career changes.

Benefits of a Career Change

Career changes can provide benefits to the work from home family. Sometimes changes are needed to fit the family’s needs more appropriately. Some mothers may have taken the first job opportunity to gain online experience and are now ready to move on to something else.

Regardless of the need for the change, there are some benefits to a career change. Here are just a few of them:

  •      Increase in wages

  •      New variety of work

  •      Fits the family’s needs better

  •      Seek a more fulfilling work position

  •      Desire to learn new work experiences

  •      Increase in job skills preferred

  •      Would like to work for a more solid organization

Career benefits can be more beneficial to the family. The hours currently worked may not be allowing the family appropriate time together. A current job opportunity may not be providing sufficient funds to the family budget.

Career Change Considerations

Making a career change can be exciting, yet confusing for some moms. There are a variety of ways to make the change more easily. Consider the following when making a career change:

  •      Research new options within the field of interest

  •      Is the new career an area of growth within the industry?

  •      Use your existing experience to gain new avenues of work

  •      Talk to others familiar with career changes

  •      Ensure that you have a solid support system in place prior to the change

  •      Use a career coach to increase your success

  •      Increase your current skill levels

  •      Add to your educational portfolio, taking e-courses if possible

  •      Look into local classes available in your area

  •      Re-evaluate your strengths and weakness through assessments

  •      Look at the skills learned in your current, or past,  jobs and determine how this will apply to the new career area you desire to work in

  •      Use professional services to update your cover letter and resume

Providing an Updated Image to New Employers

When seeking to make a career change, it is important to provide the new employers with an updated “image” of your professional services. This includes creating a fresh cover letter and updated resume.

The new area of career choice should be reflected in your resume. This is vitally important. Your second resume should look much better than your past resume. Your new cover letter should catch the eye of those who are reviewing your new information.

Do you Need Help with your Career Change?

Becky offers great information on her site TheRealWorkFromHomeMom. Becky is experienced in helping individuals make career changes. She understands first-hand how to make the work from home experience fit the family.

Becky offers professional job coaching, skill assessments, cover letter and resumes services. She will be glad to assist you in your personal needs. She also offers her clients’ new job leads to help them find gainful employment and make needed career changes.

   Are you ready for a career change? Contact Becky today!


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Friday, 17 February 2012
Career changes in life are needed at times. Circumstances may change or you may desire to learn a new area in your work from...

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