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Organize your Computer Files

Organizing your computer files can save time and prevent stress. Organizing personal files as well as work files is important. File should be organized in such a way to create easy access when needed. There are a variety of ways to organize your files.

Personal Computer Files

Personal files can be organized for the individual in mind. Within the documents area, files can be set up under each family member’s name. This will allow more organization within the computer files. For example, Mary will have her own set of files. Her husband, Joe, will have his own set of files. If the couple has children, each child, will have their own folders as well.

Mary may have sub folders within her personal computer files. Sub folders may include work, bills, personal, and so on. Joe's files will have a similar set up. Finding the technique that works best for the individual is important.

Work from Home Computer Files

Work from home computer files can also be organized with the individual in mind. Let us say that Mary is working three part time jobs from home. Mary will have a folder with her name on it. Within that folder, she will have a subfolder named work. Within the work folder, she can create a file for each work opportunity. For example, she may work part-time for a customer service center. She may also work online for another company doing written projects. Her third part time job opportunity, involves making PowerPoint presentations.

Within the work folder, each subfolder will be named according to the work company. Under each company file, different types of work may be listed. See the example below to help visualize the how you can organize your files for work:

Main File Folder – Mary (Subfolder – Work)

Company A

·     Project 1

·     Project 2

·     Project 3

Main File Folder – Mary (Subfolder – Work)

Company B

-    Project 1

-    Project 2

-    Project 3

Main File Folder – Mary (Subfolder –Work)

Company C

-    Project 1

-    Project 2

-    Project 3

Within each project folder, files can also contain names by the type of project. For example, if Mary works for Company B providing written projects, she may have folders labeled blog articles, SEO articles, book reviews, and so on.

By organizing your work files on the computer, time can be saved as well as organization increased. Files will be listed under the proper employer, as well as in a precise location.

Finding a Filing System that Works Best

Finding a filing system that works best for you is the goal at hand. If your computer files are a “big mess,” take some time to reorganize. By doing so, you can save more time in the long run. It will eliminate frustrations and help you to become more organized. This is the primary goal, be organized and reduce stress.

Other Computer Tips

Sometimes, it is necessary to find documents fast. Windows provides a search function from the start button. Each software program, such as Word, also provides a search box when the program is opened.

In naming new files on the computer, within your documents directory, use as much consistency as possible. If you need additional assistance in this area, create a routine flowchart to keep near your work area.

Keeping the file names short is best. They should also be named with enough information to reduce file searching. Use abbreviations if needed. You may wish to use an index card with common abbreviations listed that you use, for quick reference.

Organizing your computer files saves time and stress.  Be sure to start out organized!

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Organize your Computer Files
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
Organizing your computer files can save time and prevent stress. Organizing personal files as well as work files is important. File should...

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