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Developing Career Advancement Skills

Developing skills in career advancement is important for a variety of reasons. If you desire to make the best wages possible while working from home, it is important to understand the skills needed to advance within your career.

What skills are needed to advance in any career?

Regardless of your career choice, there are basic skills needed to make advancements in your work from home business. Gaining recognition for a job well done will bring increased opportunities to your business. A variety of skill sets will provide a solid foundation to work on.

Increasing Efficiency

By increasing your work efficiency, you are adding to your chances to advance in position as well as wages. If you are able to complete twice as much work as another employee that is high quality, you will have greater potential to move up.

Being able to complete work in a smaller amount of time can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Here are some ways to increase your efficiency:

  •      Be familiar with time saving computer software

  •      Understand computer shortcut functions

  •      Be familiar with processes used within the services provided from home

  •      If you work well without supervision, keep communication lines open with employers. Communicate with them on a regular basis.

  •      Email with confidence, your tone shows in your email writing skills

  •      Improve writing and documentation skills

  •      Improve listening skills if verbal communications may occur

  •      Build a good rapport with your colleagues and employers

  •      Ask questions if you are unsure about project assignments

  •      Learn to effectively use time management skills

  •      Organize your workplace to gain increased work efficiency

There are several qualities required to increase personal work efficiency. It is important to work better than others, while being a team player. Work on gaining respect from your employer and colleagues. Be innovative and provide work solutions. Make it your personal goal to increase learning and skills on a regular basis.

Have you thought about volunteering for special projects?

Volunteering for special projects is another way to work on your career advancements. Employers who see employees who are willing to walk the extra mile will be remembered. This is especially true if you are a great worker. By offering your services in a variety of areas, you are increasing the value of your work.

Show maturity in your work projects. Employers who see improving results over time will also recognize those employees. Be confident in the work you are providing. Promoting yourself does not end with the acceptance of a job opportunity. It is a daily walk in the life of the work from home mom.

What are other ways to increase your work advancements?

Consistently work toward acquiring new skills. If your employer offers any optional training, be willing to learn. This will show your willingness to serve and learn. Acquire new skills while off the job. Set aside time to watch training videos, or read about new skills. This can be very powerful in strengthening your career.

Another way to increase your chances of advancing in the workplace is gain the assistance of a mentor within the industry. This can be by hiring a job coach to help you with skill development. Another alternative is to hire someone within the specialized field of interest.

For example, hiring a job coach for skill development will cover the basics of job performance. An example of hiring someone in a special field would be hiring an individual who is knowledgeable in highly skilled fields, such as medical training, accounting, and so on.

Extra Effort Goes a Long Way

Without effort, you will gain very little. With much effort, you will gain many rewards. Set your sights on what you desire to accomplish. Take the necessary steps to accomplish your goals, even if they are baby steps!

Becky offers assistance in the area of determining your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to securing job opportunities. She also offers a wide range of other skill development aids online at TheRealWorkFromHomeMom site. Becky offers a wide variety of work at home helps, as well as job coaching services to help you in your journey!


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Developing Career Advancement Skills
Thursday, 16 February 2012
Developing skills in career advancement is important for a variety of reasons. If you desire to make...

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